Connecticut Access Users Group

CTAUG Forum on Yahoo

This on-line Yahoo Tech Group is for the discussion of CtAUG business such as meeting planning, projects, and presentations. General Access technical questions will probably not be answered unless they pertain to issues of interest specifically to our local group. (There are many well established groups for posting general Access questions.) Announcements of interest to our local members, such as of job opportunities, are of course welcome. 

To view and post to the tech group, you must join. There is no charge for joining.

How To Join the 'CTAUG' Yahoo! Tech Group

If you have not already done so, please join our 'ctaug' Yahoo! group. One way of joining is to send an EMail to this address:

[email protected] 

Once you become a member, you will be notified of (and can yourself post), information that is of particular interest to the CTAUG membership.  Examples would include job opportunity postings, answers to questions that came up at a recent meeting, handouts and sample databases from presentations at past meetings, etc. 

Eventually, most of our communications will be sent out via the Yahoo group's email list.. 

Files pertaining to past CTAUG presentations can be downloaded from the CTAUG Forum. To download, sign in and then click Files in the left hand navigation bar.